Day 10: Ten Days of Writing in April/ ANNOUNCEMENT

I really hope you’ve enjoed this burst of creative writing prompts. Today’s final prompt is below. But first I just wanted to let you know that there won’t be a May newsletter. as planned. If you had written something and were yet to send it to me then please still do so, I will save it for a bumper Summer edition.

We are collecting our puppy today (yes there is a connection to my previous point.)
What does the word mean to you? Have you ever had a pet? Do you have a pet now? Do you find the word derogatory or diminutive? Is it a term of endearment where you are from or do you know someone who uses it as as such?
Write down your answers to these questions and see where the ideas take you. Write an ‘ode’ to your pet. Write a story including a pet. Write a list of pros and cons to welcoming a pet into your life.
Wish me luck. I may be quiet on here for a while.

Rachael xxx

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