Day 1: Ten Days of Writing in April


Hi! Welcome to the first prompt of #tendaysofwritinginapril

It’s the start of the ‘Easter Holidays’ for me and those local (ish) and a Bank Holiday Monday. For me, celebrating at this time of year is about new life, signs of Spring and growth. We love looking for new buds and leaves, indoors and outdoors. The magic of a leaf unfurling or shoots sprouting from soil never fails to amaze me and the shift from sparse twigginess to lush green density everywhere is one of my favourite things to observe.

So, to start off our ten days of writing, write about GROWTH.

A poem about the seedlings you planted.

A memoir passage on watching your children or grand-children, nephew/niece, friend’s child grow from a gurgling baby to a person with thoughts and sensitivities.

Reflect on an aspect of your personality that has grown in recent years.

Write a letter to a loved one letting them know how your feelings have changed and grown.

A limerick on the investment you made that occasionally accrues interest (?!)

And a Little Scribbles guide:

Can you find 5 things that grow?

Write them down and add an adverb:

Tadpoles grow, interestingly.

Leaves grow, slowly.

I think you can do better than this! You could add in some describing words too or as an alternative. Be free! You can’t be wrong.

The link below is a helpful list of adverbs.

Click to access list_of_adverbs.pdf

Enjoy! We would love to see how you get on. Snuggle up and write.

Rachael xxx

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