Update on Issue 11


Some of you have noticed that things have quietened down since ’12 days’, on the surface at least. @scribbles_artists and I have been working on the next edition of ‘Scribbles’ which we plan to release online and for preorders in a week ish.

Issue 11 is exactly what we hoped it would be: full of your #poetry#prose#photography#art on #colour, in deep, thoughtful, artistic, scientific, fascinating ways.

@sidnea.rohbyn , your eye for detail and aesthetics is just amazing! Thank you so much for everything you’re doing.
Writers, you’re geniuses.
Artists, same.
@rosannafosterportraiture , it’s looking like 54 pages of proofreading/editing… 🤣

We have surprise #illustrations#psychology#architecture#music#photography#nature and lots and lots of #creativity and #imagination.

It’s brilliant and we can’t wait for you to see it, hang on just a bit longer. Our aim is always for more and more people to see your work, because it makes us happy, so please share this post with friends and family who might enjoy a blissful creative eye feast.

Rachael x

NB. Not the front cover.


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