Happy New Year, bloggers!


It has been an age since I wrote on this blog. I know that there are some of you who follow Scribbles here and to you I apologise for the hiatus.

The truth is that most of my readers and contributors find ‘Scribbles’ through other social media platforms (Instagram and Substack- oo and Twitter now!). I wish that the world was more simple and more slow, but it isn’t, and I love the opportunity to meet as many new writers as possible. When I write here though, I love to spend some time reading other blogs and being creative in a slightly different way.

Lots has been happening in the world of Scribbles. We released the Autumn edition: issue 10 PEOPLE; we have been writing to daily prompts in ‘Twelve Days’ and via Substack, sharing weekly and monthly prompts depending on your subscription and behind the scenes, Sid and I have been working on a Scribbles notebook/journal/workbook.

See below for a list of links if you are interested in joining in with any of this…it is almost never too late.

Happy New Year, and if you do like to have this kind of chat in your email inbox, I promise it is just as fun to subscribe via Substack.



Substack: a newsletter subscription, free or paid, with early access to the e-zine, pre-orders of the magazine, weekly or monthly prompts and if you’re lucky- highly professional voice over.

Instagram: lovely visuals, occasional daily prompts, reminders for submissions, opportunities and deadlines.

Issue 10 | PEOPLE: we are so proud of this issue, I hope you enjoy it! This is the first time that Sid, Rosanna and I worked on the issue from scratch. If you are interested in a physical copy, I happen to have 2 left. Get in touch!

Twitter: nobody is here with me yet- so a follow would be much appreciated! I joined purely to connect with Danny Robins, but no joy just yet!

Thank you for reading!

Rachael x


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