Autumn Scribbles 2022 | Issue 10 | PEOPLE

The theme for our next issue of ‘Scribbles’ is PEOPLE.

We would like to read about legends, inspirations and long forgotten people.

Write about strangers, best friends, family members and idols.

Tell us about a doctor, nurse, baby, passer by, dog walker, anonymous crush, first love.

Queen, King, public sector worker, person in a food bank queue.

Let your imagination run free and create a person with only your words to make them real.

Write about an ancestor you are curious about or an uncle you don’t know.

Find words for your favourite person or your…not favourite.

Show us people from near, far, people you understand and people you don’t.


Poetry, prose, fiction, non-fiction, memoir, essays, excerpts, whole pieces (DM for word count chat but generally 500-1000 for longer pieces.)

Submissions welcome from 11th September to the 31st October 2022.


If you are interested in illustrating for us or providing artwork for the front cover or zine, please get in touch with Sid @scribbles_artists

Unfortunately we can’t offer payments but you reserve the rights to your work.

Please ask away if you have any questions. Visit to see previous editions.

We can’t wait to see your ideas. Chat to us at write-alongs or on

Rachael xx


2 responses to “”

  1. Hi Rach why do I think you have the next scribbles as NEW things? X

    Sent from Mail for Windows


  2. Hi silverwolfgrrr! I think because you saw the September monthly prompt email. That’s a separate endeavour to the Scribbles magazine. I share random weekly and monthly prompts on top of the seasonal themes for the magazine. If a prompt I spares some writing that you’d like to share, though, please don’t hesitate, we’ll ways try to make it work đŸ™‚ sorry for the confusion. I hope that clears it up x


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