New: Substack and some exciting news.

Hi, I have recently moved my mailing list over to Substack. The aim is to make the Scribbles community a little more streamlined- covering this website, Instagram and Substack rather than Mail Chimp, buymeacoffee, the website and instagram. Small steps! If you already subscribed to the Scribbles e-zine, you don’t need to do anything right now- you will have received the Summer e-zine before everyone else, for free.

There are two levels to the new Substack subscription: free or paid. A free subscription, going forward, will mean you are sent a monthly creative writing prompt, directly to your email address- no more searching through Instagram. If you choose to pay £4 a month, you will continue to receive early access to Scribbles e-zine and printed copies; weekly creative writing prompts and the ability to post comments and chat in a bts styley with me and the Scribbles team. There is zero pressure either way, I just hope you’ll stay around and think about contributing your writing, art or ideas to the cause!

Secondly, I have a small group of readers ready to look at a new print for me- I’m trying an online printer who uses recycled silk paper rather than my wonderful local printer who doesn’t. This is a hard decision to make, I’m actually crossing my fingers that we won’t like the new print quality!

I am also in the process of recruiting a small team to help me with the e-zine/zine: someone to proof read, someone to co-ordinate the art/illustration side and a coupkle of other roles that realte to the design and creative side of Scribbles. I’m over the moon about having people to help. Please do get in touch if you think you can offer anything I haven’t thought of 🙂

And that is it, I think.





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