Summer Scribbles Submissions Open



Summer Scribbles’ 2022 theme is…’CITIES’

Cities are complex, beautiful and fascinating beasts. I want to read about your favourite city, your fear of cities, a city in bloom or a city destroyed. Secret parts of cities, underground or on the roofs, the green spaces and the grey, concrete deserts. What you see when you look up, what you see when you stop or move quickly on all varieties of transport. What do you imagine? Fictional, fantastical cities on Mars, long forgotten cities under the oceans. Any country, any continent, I want to read about history, architecture, planning, people, nature, our commutes, escapes, hiding in and running from cities. The possibilities are endless. I want to see all of this too! And I hope you all feel as excited as I do about this theme. Whether you are a country bumpkin or a city slicker- we’re all affected by them, have memories, fears, interest in them.


Rachael x

SUBMISSION WINDOW IS OPEN THROUGHOUT JUNE 2022#Prose#Poetry#Fiction#Non-fiction#Travelwriting#Memoir#Photography#Art#Markmaking of all kinds#Playlists

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Please please buy me a coffee to help make this the biggest best edition yet. Your work will be published in a free e-zine and a purchasable printed zine (price at cost tbc)No payment given or required.You retain the rights to your work but I do ask that you have not shared it very widely before and that you resist posting until the ezine is released.Please share far and wide- it is really true that the algorithm is against this being seen without me paying for it.

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