January 2022 Week 4 Prompt

January Week 4 Prompt

For my mum, who is a wonderful writer.

Find a comfortable seat, ideally somewhere quiet and warm. Light a candle or put on some quiet, familiar music.

Close your eyes and breathe in through your nose for 4 seconds and out through your mouth for 5 (ish). Repeat three times.

Concentrate on where your body is touching a surface, your feet on the floor or whatever surface they are resting on. You’re here. Feel grounded.

Empty your mind onto your paper. Don’t think about it, just whichever words come out (some people like to do this on paper they can throw away afterwards). Google morning pages if you are unsure of what I mean.

Now for the creative writing.

A road and a car.

The road could be anywhere: a country lane or a speeding motorway. The car could be a limousine, a landrover or an ancient banger.

Who is in the car and where are they going? What are they thinking? Maybe they are going to work, or on holiday; perhaps they have left home or work and don’t plan to return; perhaps they are going to visit an old friend or a special place. Let your imagination run free- some part of your idea might be based in your life but it can go anywhere from there. It could all be fantastical fiction. Your in charge and anything goes.

‘…everything is permitted, everything is allowed.’ Jim Steinman

‘…and if life is just a highway, then the soul is just a car.’ Jim Steinman

RIP Meat Loaf


Rachael xxx

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