December catch up!

Hi, it’s been a busy few weeks! Most of you will have seen these prompts on Instagram, but just in case, here they are….

December 2021 Writing Prompt 3

Read the book you know you need to read.

I referred to this book in my WIP ages ago, not really knowing much about it and having not even read the blurb. I realised I need to read to get back to my writing and I knew that I needed to read this. So, I have it on my Kindle and I’m struggling to out it down.

So, this is a prompt to tell you not to work your way through your tbr or look at what others are reading, what’s won awards. Instead, go to the book you know you need to read.

If there’s a classic you’re ashamed to have not read or a book your eye keeps getting drawn to- just read that one.


Rachael xx


December 2021 Prompt 4

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas. Actually, I’m not. I’m crossing my fingers that one day soon we’ll get a bit of the white stuff and I’ll be able to wrap up and enjoy it with my family.

Let’s not expect too much, that way we won’t be disappointed.

Write about imperfect snow.

Too icey? Too wet? Too powdery? Too yellow? Too mixed up with mud? Too dangerous? Too isolating? Too much? Wrong time? Wrong place? Wrong people to be snowed in with?

Enjoy, Rachael xx

Oo, why not send your writing in for Winter Scribbles?


Christmas Weekend Challenge

I’ll be making the magic for the next few days, but would like to share this writing prompt with you.

Seven word prompt by @katiehuttlestoneauthor

I challenge you to choose 7 words from your current read and embed them like little echos of what you read in your wip ♡

Flick through the pages of your current read and write down 7 word or short phrases that jump out at you- wait for exciting, fun words, skip the dull ones.

Have fun.

If you’re interested in the words that Katie and I used, see comments!

Season’s greetings,

Rachael XXX


Frau Karl Druschki
valiant hopelessness
bitter vigil

goldenrod yellow
car window
rotten plum

One more.

That person or people you might be thinking of…

Write them. That’s all.

End of December prompt.

Comment below with a six word story about a Christmas tree decoration 🥰

Maybe it will grow into a slightly longer piece of flash fiction or a short story.


Rachael xx



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