Submissions open until January 3rd 2022

Open call for written and image based submissions for the Winter Scribbles.

I’m planning a separate blog post to chat about the printed Zine copies of Autumn Scribbles, but if you are interested, I saved stories and posts in my highlights on Instagram.

The theme for Winter Scribbles is simply ‘Winter’. As always, I’d like us to share our prose, poetry, non-fiction, memoir, art, illustration and photography, PLAYLISTS, music and anything else creative you can think of. I love the challenge of fitting it all into a beautiful and enjoyable format, and you all make it very easy.

  • what does winter mean to you?
  • a favourite winter memory
  • a story that is set in winter
  • a poem based on an image of snow or frost or ice
  • a review of a film, album, book or show that relates to winter
  • your winter playlist
  • thoughts on the festive season or memoir on your experiences of Hanukkah, Yule, Christmas or Kwanzaa
  • an original winter fairy tale

If you have even the slightest inkling that this is something you would like to be involved in, please don’t hesitate to send me a message, I’m nice, always happy to have a chat about writing or arrange a time if I’m busy. If you are new, it might be. worth mentioning that this is my hobby, I don’t do it to make money and you retain all rights to your work. I will only use your words or images within Scribbles.

I think we have created a community, through Instagram, that is warm and welcoming and friendly and the resulting publication is really special. You can see all of the publications from January to Autumn on the Scribbles e-zine page to get an idea of how it has developed. If you have any questions or ideas that you’d like to chat through, get in touch.

I think that’s about all, I can’t wait to receive more submissions, match up some more artists with writers and work out what the edition will look like.

Thank you!



If you would like to support Scribbles to keep sharing and creating, you can do so through this link. There are also a couple of resources for sale/download if you’re interested, I might add to these when I can so keep popping back.


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