Week of weird- prompt two.

WOW Week of Weird


‘What was that? Have you ever had to look twice at something? Something that made you question everything around you? How about something that inspired the imagination?

Our literature is full of the weird and wonderful, our superstitions, fairy tales and folklore aren’t just figments of the imagination of times past but tales that have inspired us to create new stories and wonder what it was that went bump in the night.

Have you a story about this? If you do, then write it down and share it with others, you never know that person reading your story may have a similar story they want to share with you!

The world is full of weirdness, not just in our stories, but in the world around us and the universe we live in. We all have our weird stories, and we’d love to hear yours.’

Thank you @tomasstanger for this prompt, I can’t wait to see the ideas that it sparks.

You can comment on this post if you’d like to chat about the prompt, or DM/email me on here or at submissions@rachaelscribbles.com
Oo, why not team up with an artist and create something together?

Have fun- you deserve half an hour today to let your imagination run away.

Rachael xx



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