June Week 3

June Week 3

On my mind this week is: the ground, what we build and what we cover up.

Layers of wallpaper.
Uneven bricks.
Concrete and grass.

I’m pretty sure that wherever you are there’ll be some wall paper, bricks, concrete and grass, not that far away.

Get your story from there this week.

Do you know the history of the building you live in or work in? If you don’t, invent it.

If (like me this morning) you fancy describing stripping wallpaper: go for it.

Can you describe a brick?
Who piled that brick on top of the one before?

No rules, hope that inspires something!

Still a little time to submit a creation (or part of one) to submissions@rachaelscribbles.com for the July ezine.

If you’re not already subscribed, you can do so at rachaelscribbles.com or DM me your email address.


Rachael XXX

(Credit to @jennashworth82 for facilitating my wallpaper writing this morning, and @rebecca.schiller whose memoir Earthed is still very much in my mind, and @katiehuttlestoneauthor who read my random wallpaper writing.)



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