Someone, somewhere 2


My mind is overflowing- I got to twenty thousand words in my WIP last night. Yesterday’s character has a lot of words, today’s has far fewer but they are on their way. There are more. I have no idea how many ‘main’ characters I have, but it might be four or five or six or one.

I won’t say anymore about ‘E’.

I’m writing fiction, but, as my dad is fond of telling me, ‘there’s nothing new under the sun’- I love that saying. Rebecca Schiller explains the idea far more eloquently than I could on page 276 of Earthed, if you have a copy (you should). It’s actually very freeing, and maybe that helps with a one off writing prompt like the ones I share here- it’s ok to write something that feels familiar.

So, have E and if you’d like to scribble down some thoughts- even if it is only a list of questions (you could answer them!) and if you feel inspired and would like to share, I would love to read.


Rachael xxx

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