Someone, somewhere 1

Someone, somewhere 1

This week, a little collection of prompts that will hopefully give anyone a head start with some creative writing. My lovely friend and ex colleague mentioned to me that she needed something a bit more concrete than my usual vagueness, so these are for her, and anyone else who would enjoy a task like this.

Full disclosure, these someones somewheres are from my WIP. If you were to share anything you write, and it was spookily similar to the plot I have planned- I can’t promise I won’t steal the odd phrase (promise to credit you though!)
Clearly this is the briefest of outlines, but I hope it’s enough to give you that lovely feeling of seeing a character. They will look different to everyone.
If you’re interested, it just occurred to me that a character edition of Scribbles would be beaut. Maybe for the autumn/winter? Let me know what you think.
So, take J, close your eyes, what do you see? Maybe a great grandparent with a few changes. They could turn into a character from a loved TV programme. Maybe you have no idea. Don’t be afraid to start writing with ‘She has…/He has…’ and just list their appearance or characteristics, qualities, experiences.

Enjoy, and pllleeeeeaaaassseeeee let me know if you would like to share.

Rachael xxx

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