May Weeks 3 and 4- Writing Prompts

May Week 3

I keep thinking I should post something ‘bright’ but it wouldn’t be true- I just feel a bit more like a quaking aspen against a storm sky than a peony about to bloom.

I have had 7 submissions (THANK YOU!)for the summer relaunch of Scribbles- a Creative writing collection. It’s exciting and I hope more people start to subscribe. I’ve also had one lovely donation of a creative gift-to be shared soonish. Each submission for the e-zine (urgh no I still don’t like it- shall we go back to newsletter?) is in with a chance to win.

A prompt-

He saw the red petals wrapped tightly together inside the bud. Fingers quaking, he grasped it and tore it from the stem…


Rachael xxx


May Week 4

I took this on a walk after work. I’m very lucky to work somewhere extremely beautiful.

I walk and I watch people. I think I can say that to you lot and trust you will understand what I mean.

This week I saw an ex serviceman who was suffering with PTSD and had lost his family. An old couple who had been estranged for sixty years and couldn’t keep their hands off each other and countless others that I’ve forgotten. Sometimes I write them down or let my mind wander through more of a back story. All entirely imagined on the basis of one or two details.

I read something recently that described the same habit and explained it as being a ‘creative mind that’s creating’- I liked that idea- preferable to the ‘daydreaming/over active imagination’ I’ve sometimes labelled myself with.

So…people watch. You’ll know them when you see them (has to be a stranger!) Take their clothes, gait, snippet of conversation, gestures, relationship, anything, and create.

I have to give credit to @chrisjohnpower whose exploration of story catching has stayed with me.


Rachael xx


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