June Week 1- Writing Prompt

June Week 1
Super moon
Photo from ABC network.

It’s half term week for some of us in the first week of June.

I missed seeing this particular full moon-it was hidden behind clouds.

The prompt for this week, at least until I find some energy to think of more, is to find a little ritual in your writing.

I’ve written on the bus, the sofa, at work, in my head and more chaotic places this week.

For the first week of June: light a candle, burn some oil or incense, turn off aalllll the screens, sit outside, close your eyes, breath.

Go to @prompted.by.nature for more guidance, or @mystic.jagger for ritual help.


Don’t forget I’d love to share your writing in our online publication, we’ve had a break but will be back with a number edition in July.

Rachael XXX



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