May 2021 Week 2


Things are starting to settle a tiny tiny bit over here. We’re all finding our way with the puppy, and her with us. But I’ve felt depleted from a lack of time to write. So, in it’s place I’m making the most of the beautiful weather (it’s wet but mild where I am) and just listening and looking.

This moment (see Instagram for one minute video of the dog listening and looking this morning) filled me with creative tickles (if I’m honest, I won’t act on them, but you might, and I’m happy just to have the fizz of it).

Look and listen like a puppy.

The puddle on the chair, the damp greens and blues, the drip from the guttering, the birds, the hum of the road, the neighbour’s back door, the wind in the willow.

So, if you have time and feel inclined to sit and turn these sights and sounds into something- I’d love to read it.

Rachael xx



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