April 2021 Another Prompt

Week 3, 4, some time towards the end of April.

Painting by Lara Cobden

‘She made her way home through a carpet of stars.’ @laracobden

One of the first memories I have of making up stories comes from sleeping over at my grandparents’ house. They had a wall mounted tick-tock clock, musical China dolls and oil paintings that were full of characters, dark streets and woodland. The wallpaper was made up of repeated patterns that would look like something different every time I woke. Patterns in lace that might have been flowers or faces. Thick piled carpets that I could draw in and records playing, or the radio. Grandad’s flute played alongside my recorder. It always smelled of Grandma’s tea and Grandad’s coffee, toast crumbs, salty butter and homemade jam.

Lara’s paintings give me the same feelings. Timeless, warm, safe and full of stories.

So this week’s/day’s/moment’s prompt is to write the story.

Who is she? Where is home? What has been her experience? What gave her the feeling that she walks on a carpet of stars?


Lara would love to see anything we write so send it over, as always.

Open call for submissions to the summer comeback of our monthly collection of writing.
Email: submissions@rachaelscribbles.com





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