Scribbles 04 April 2021

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I don’t have much more to say other than I would absolutely love to hear what you think of it- as a whole or individual pieces, it’s always really nice to be able to pass on feedback to the writers.

We’ll be back, I just have to raise this puppy for a wee while, she is a LOT!

Take care,

Rachael xxx

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One response to “Scribbles 04 April 2021”

  1. silverwolfgrrr Avatar

    Hi Scribbles
    Just wanted to feed back on “Nature’s Symphony” … I really thoroughly enjoyed the tremendous amount of imagery created by the writing especially the curious women .. Martha .. who we experience the Symphony through and that vehicle was pure genius to me. Can’t think of another piece of writing that has such warmth and gentleness to translate sounds of nature that we all hear and our reaction to them into the feelings of what another human experiences. A very powerful piece of communication about the human condition and the writing was of such a high level of expertise the author should in my opinion be commended for a truly brilliant piece of work the standard of which we should all aspire too.



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