Day 9: 10 Days of Writing in April

Helen from has written this beautiful prompt.
Rachael xxx


Spring has been upon for some weeks now, but with the nose-dive of the temperature recently it’s easy to be fooled into thinking we’ve been lifted up and popped right back into winter again! What’s made the difference for me though is the persistence of life and its incessant drive to regenerate itself once again. The trees are still budding, some, like the blossom on our local hawthorns are already flowering, their glorious whites and gentle pinks forming carpets under our feet, their nectar nourishment for the newly-awoken pollinators.
With this energy of ‘newness’ then, the invitation here is to use your personal writing practice to try something different, perhaps something you’ve not tried before or that you have tried but never followed through on. This week’s new moon energy will give you the push you need to gain confidence in experimenting and allowing the drafting process to be just that, a process.
I encourage you to push your own boundaries creatively – even if it feels uncomfortable at times – perhaps even team up with someone else to gain new perspectives and see your words through someone else’s eyes. I also love the idea of learning something about a deity or figure from your own culture or tradition and creating something from their perspective. What would they say? How would they move? What stories would they tell and what could they teach us?
Everything is an opportunity for creativity and growth if we choose to see it as such. Remember to release judgement and expectation of what you will produce and just write with joy and curiosity 💚 🖊 📖 .

Happy writing! Helen x

Helen ForesterHove,


Prompted by Nature

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Image description:  Bullet journal.  Title: Spring; Image: white blossom; Associations: Goddesses Ostara, Mujaji, Isis, Ala, Kuan Yin, Sheelah-na-Gig; rebirth, fertility, new beginnings; some ideas:  try a form you’ve never used before e.g. sonnet/split narrative (team up with another writer?), painting etc.; write a sensory piece using only the sounds/colours of Spring e.g. yellow, green…; research a fertility deity from your culture/tradition and write a first-person narrative piece from their perspective.


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