Day 8: Ten Days of Writing in April

I asked @waynefallon if he’d like to share a writing prompt, perhaps that crossed over into mark making art. His reply included a link to information about Emma Hauk:

“The letter pictured … contains the words “Herzensschatzi komm” (“Sweetheart come”) scrawled over and over. In another, her hypergraphic mantra is reduced to the minimal “komm komm komm” (“come come come”) written repeatedly on the same sheet of paper.”

Prompt:Sweetheart come
The beautiful and haunting letters of Emma Hauck
Pick a word, sentence or line of prose. Write the word(s) repeatedly as a meditation. The form can be composed or overlap. Switch the medium; pencils, pens, crayons. Switch the form; font, scale, colour, shapes, contours.

Rachael xx


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