Day 7: Ten Days of Writing in April

@rebecca.schiller shares this prompt with us today. I’m excited to use this as a bit of therapy, although I can’t promise it won’t find its way into my fiction writing.


Change your perspective.
Think of a conversation you’ve had, something from your life or a scene from a story you have written/are working on.
Now write it out changing something fundamental about the perspective. You might write the conversation or scene from the other person or character’s point of view. Or change the chronology and try starting at the end of the scene and telling what happens in reverse order.
Perhaps you could shift the key emotions. If a character is stressed try making them calm. If the scene ends in a resolution try ending in discord instead. You could change many things: the historical point it’s set, the age of the characters, the weather – but play with only one shift at a time and see what it does to your writing, to the story and how you feel about it.

Image by Jared Schiller Cover art by Anna Fewster

Thank you Rebecca! I’ve included an image Rebecca’s book ‘Earthed’ because I think you’ll love to read about the creative process behind the illustration. Enjoy this, and the prompt.
Rachael xxx

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