Day 6: Ten Days of Writing in April

Day 6: Ten Days of Writing in April

Step 2 of the Road Map.

Today (Monday 12th April), we all have a little more freedom than we did yesterday. To meet outside our local pub, finally get our hair cut and stay away from home over night. (See .gov for the details.) Maggie S (thank you, Maggie!) shared the following poem as her reflection on the year 2020. It is stunning, and I know that every line will have a meaning to everyone w ho reads it. So, the prompt today is to write about what the slow journey out of Lockdown means to you. You could write a poem or a stream of consciousness or create a charater to illustrate the feelings you have in a fictional way. As always, we would love to see what you write. Enjoy! Rachael xxx

Twenty Twenty

Who would have thought in the year twenty twenty

That our lives would be full and yet also empty

Full of instructions – do this don’t do that

And stay in your home your house or your flat

Empty of people, activities, travel

We had to hang on, and not to unravel

Lives full of time but not motivation

Talk was of freedom through mass vaccination

Life full of new things like zoom and of “teams”

But empty of contact – or only in dreams

When we longed for a touch or a kiss or a hug

But those things were banned because of a bug

“We’re in it together “we said when we spoke

But that started to feel like a very bad joke

Because everyone’s journey through the pandemic

Has been like no other’s – just your own biographic

Unique and amazing and fearful and long

No right way to bear this and surely no wrong

Life’s been empty of some things, of that there’s no doubt

But full of the real things we can’t live without

The care and commitment of key worker staff

The phone calls that mattered – the smiles and a laugh

Yes life has been full and life has been empty

And we’ll never forget the year twenty twenty.

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