New Moon.

New Moon. Living (and writing) alongside the waning, waxing moon, isn’t a new idea, of course not, and nothing I have to say in this prompt is new. I’ve pulled together what I’ve learnt about grounding from @silvergreenjewellery, the power of nature, scent and ritual from @yogioils, meditation as a route to freeing creativity from and many witchy ways from good friends in ‘real life’ and most recently my best best moon sister introducing me to @kirsty_gallagher_

I’ve rambled on about this lots to friends, but I absolutely believe in the power of setting intentions, using positive affirmations and trusting our intuition. That doesn’t mean I do it regularly, or that I have things sorted, but I do believe it and have experienced it, so it feels nice to share a little with you. You can read lots about this online- Kirsty Gallagher is a good place to start.

So today, or tomorrow (actual new moon happens around 3am on the 12th), find time to do this, in its entirity or just one small part.

Light a candle, burn some incense, waft a smudge stick. Have paper and pen by you and find a peaceful spot. Sit comfortably, feel your bare feet on the ground. Listen to your breathing, in (belly out) out (belly in)- if you like! Close your eyes and think about what you would like to achieve over the next month. Try to picture yourself in a situation that you desire/want/need. Think about how you can get there, what small steps you need to take to make that thing happen. (When @katrino_yoga talked me through this last year I pictured myself leaving the house happily in the mornings- now, I do.) Write it down. You can use ‘I intend to…’ or ‘ I will’- avoid negatives like ‘Stop…’ or ‘I won’t…’ Make it fiction. Create your vision for a character. Let the intention out into a poem. Scribble away through a stream of consciousness. Simply write down a statement.

All the while, feeling aware of the new moon. She’s there. Let me know how it goes?

Rachael xxx

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