Day 4: Ten Days of Writing in April

Thank you Katie! An important and charged idea for a creative writing prompt from @katiehuttlestoneauthor .

Pockets for Protest

I find myself regretting my lack of pockets every time I go for my daily walk. The ones in my cheap coat are far too shallow to hold anything more than my phone, tilted at an angle, precariously stowed. I’ve lost much to these insufficient pockets, had to retrace my footsteps to find the items littered back the way I came. And yet men’s coats and trousers have far deeper pockets, capacious and visible, sewn to store all manner of goods.
So, we women hold handbags close to our chests, are forced to root around in the void for purses, keys, phones. Sometimes handbags make us feel vulnerable, like these faux leather appendages might invite hands that come searching hungrily for what’s ours.
A friend shared a Twitter-circulated poem the other day and suddenly it all made sense: women need pockets more than ever, the literal and metaphorical kind, to spread sedition, to store what’s ours safely, without fear.
Write a poem, a short story, a few lines that celebrate the ways women protest. Use the viral poem as your jumping off point:

Dangerous Coats

Sharon Owens

P.S. the images are of suffragettes enjoying their pockets ❤️


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