Countdown to Ten Days of Writing in April

This colour looks fine on my phone but awful on my laptop- I hope you can see it ok!


Over on Instagram, I have been running writing challenges since December last year (Festive Writing Challenge). We had a half term writing challenge in February and I am putting the finishing touches to April’s ten days of daily writing prompts.

This time, for the first time, I am also scheduling the prompts to post on here at 6am each day (Monday -Friday from the 5th April). I’ll be sneaking downstairs to light a candle and write before my wee ones wake.

So, you can join in with a week of a small writing practise each day. Some prompts will be from me, others are from writers and creatives who have kindly shared their time and wisdom to inspire us. There will also be a couple that you can use with your little scribblers.

All of them will be suitable for a five minute scribble or a day long investment in your longer piece of writing. I’m excited to be sharing the prompts on here too, it means our little community of writers is slightly more accessible.

Please share this post with anyone you know who might be interested in a little boost to their creative life.


Rachael xxx


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