Scribbles Newsletter 03 March 2021


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I’m really proud of this edition of the newsletter. (One of these days I’ll commit to calling it something else. I think it is an e-zine.)

It was my friend at the Haggs Farm Preservation Society who suggested the theme of distance, and it seemed to inspire a lot of people. I had the luxury of piecing together the largest number of submissions so far. It’s always hard to leave anything out, I hope I’ll find opportunities to share everything at some point. I think the theme for March was particularly relevant because we were all reflecting on the year of social restrictions. What did you think? Did any pieces stand out to you? I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below.

Next month you’ll have the absolute pleasure of reading a collection of writing based on the theme of ‘music’.

Please share far and wide.

In April (during the Easter holidays in England), I’ll be sharing some more wonderful writing prompts from some exciting guests in a ‘ten days of writing in April’ writing challenge.


Rachael xx


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