How do I get involved?

I wanted a page on my social media that was just to do with writing. I had the idea of a creative writing club where we share writing prompts and the writing we produce. I hadn’t considered how many hundreds of very similar pages already exist, though, and I didn’t want to exclude anyone who didn’t use Instagram. However, @rachael_scribbles now has around 200 members, 50 monthly subscribers to the newsletter and 10 or so regular contributors- it is this final figure that I most want to increase. A few people who I see in person, have asked me how they can be involved, so this is for anyone who wants to be but isn’t quite sure how.

If you use Instagram, watch out for weekly prompts and information about the newsletter and writing challenges. If you don’t- get in touch. Email to start a conversation.

We have shared three newsletters so far- make sure you are subscribed- put your email into the box under the orange typewriter on my homepage. Each publication includes writing from our small community and ideas for you to use to inspire your own writing.

Once you have written something (ideally between 300-500 words- but see what comes out!), you are very welcome to send it to me with absolutely no obligation to have it shared. You might be happy just to have a little feedback from me, I’m an experienced English teacher, but I won’t mark your work (unless you want me to!) I’ll be honest, fair and encouraging. If you feel that you would like to share your writing more widely then we can talk about how it might fit into one of the monthly publications. I don’t take this privilege lightly, I am so honoured to read every piece of writing I receive and always treat writers with the respect and right to privacy that they deserve. We have shared writing anonymously on occasion.

This is a hobby for me, I absolutely love writing and sharing ideas to spark writing. We share fiction, non-fiction, poetry, extracts from longer pieces, very short unfinished pieces- there is no right or wrong- the only criteria is that I try to put together a balanced, enjoyable read for our subscribers once a month.

Coming up: there is still time to submit writing or art related to the theme of ‘music’ for April’s newsletter. Watch out for ten days of writing prompts in the Easter holidays and submissions will soon be open for May’s newsletter which will be on the them of ‘handwriting.’ More information to follow.

I can’t offer any payment, and I don’t charge for anything offered here (although you can buy me a coffee through the link on the homepage of you feel you’d like to- absolutely no obligation). You keep all and any copyright of anything you submit.

Finally, if you know of anyone else who would like to be involved, including artists and photographers, please share this page with them.

Thank you for reading, please ask if you have any questions.


Rachael xx


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