Scribbles Newsletter 02 February 2021

Did you read February’s newsletter? If not you can read it via the link here:

If you like it, think about subscribing. I didn’t know what it would be when I started planning it at the end of last year, and it is still a VERY small endeavour, but there are people who are writing now who weren’t before, so the teacher in me is pleased.

February’s issue was on the theme of memoir and I found it really thought provoking, actually quite challenging if I’m being a bit more honest. For me, writing about my life is sometimes too deeply personal to share, although I have done at times, online and through letters etc, it never comes easily. So, I admire those who do write autobiographically and I’m very grateful to those who contributed. It is on my list of things to do to push myself to write in a more creative way about my own experiences- a tough thing for a deep thinker to do!

Watch out for March’s newsletter soon, it is brilliant.


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