February Writing Challenge

Hi! If you have come here from a bombarded inbox: sorry. Like everyone, the rachael_scribbles office is very busy. We’ve been working hard to prepare ‘Five Days of Writing in February’ (I did ask for suggestions, but ultimately, I was so happy with my script on the cover image that it had to stay) and the February newsletter.

The writing challenge is going to be brilliant! I (we- oh what to do!) have already announced that Rebecca Schiller has provided the first writing prompt for us, that will be shared on the 15th February. For the lucky few of you who read these blog posts, I can also reveal that Helen Forester of Prompted by Nature has prepared a prompt for us and we will hear from the D H Lawrence Haggs Farm Preservation Society again too.

I think you will enjoy it! Five days, where we all commit to doing some writing every day. You will be guided through by talented writers and inspiring prompts. Let me know how you get on! More info in the posts below.

Rachael xx


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