FWC 16: The moon.

Wow it’s cold today! I hope you enjoy this prompt, inspired by my dad. This morning when I went out to let the hens out (and give them warm food and water- spoilt hens), the little pond in our garden was frozen and the not quite full moon was catching the ice as I walked past. I’ve never noticed that before.

I’ve thought a lot about what my dad’s bit of poetry. I think it can be read in two ways (at least).

The first: “the full moon shines on the path that it finds” where the emphasis is on “shines”, and the path could be anywhere. I like this reading: the idea that we can shine anywhere, if we’ve got a glow, it will fall on a path, wherever/ whatever that might be. It’s reassuring and positive and reminds me that we all shine in our own way. Whether your talent is knitting, singing, playing an instrument, running a home, writing, teaching, whatever it is, at some point a path will present itself and off you’ll go.

The second: “The full moon shines on the path that it finds.” Our paths are ours to seek out and go down. In this reading, we don’t leave it to chance, we look for places that we can shine, share our creativity, pass on our wisdom, whatever our ‘full moon’ might be (I can hear the childish voice of Bart Simpson offering a different interpretation- ignore that!).

That concludes my thoughts on today’s prompt. Let me know yours?


One response to “FWC 16: The moon.”

  1. Michael David Parkinson Avatar
    Michael David Parkinson

    Never imagined it could mean so much??? Nice x

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