Getting started.

I thought I’d scribbled enough in this post, so if you’re here, you get the bonus of my next thought on getting started with writing. It relates to the image that I posted. It could have been a desk (but mine is never tidy enough for a photo), or a table or even a sofa, because I was thinking about where we write and where we can find creativity. Julia Cameron writes about creativity being like a deity that we can allow to flow through us, given the right circumstances.

We visited an English Heritage site recently, an early Bronze Age stone circle, and I found it to be such a source of creative inspiration. The air was fizzing. The stones themselves were surrounded by people, but we enjoyed walking in the woods and moorland around them. You can read about stone circles and how we believe they have been used over the centuries, but I think the reason it feels so special is something to do with the way the man made circle seems to sit so perfectly with the nature by which it’s surrounded.

And so, my ramble in relation to my instagram post is that I think we can find inspiration anywhere, I’ll often have ideas in the kitchen while I’m loading the dishwasher or on the school run, but being somewhere like this felt different. I’m not religious, but I know that lives hang around near to places or buildings that are significant to them, and this place felt like infinite lives had passed through and were hanging around to share their stories. And if the stories are there, then I’ll take them, and can only suggest that you try to visit one if you can.


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