FWC 10: Tomte

Ah, I enjoyed this prompt more than I thought I would. 1162 words that I think might count as my first go at a children’s story. My little boy did a couple of illustrations for me, but I think I’ll ask him for me and have a go at formatting and printing it. I’ve been reading ‘The Artist’s Way’ and while I haven’t embraced the morning pages just yet, I am trying to let the words flow when I feel them. My whole family are creative, my brothers both write perfect songs with their guitar and share them online- if we’re lucky! I’ve often thought that I was the odd one out, but maybe not. I love the feeling of creating and I don’t want to stop.

The other side of this toe-dipping into writing for children is that my wip thing has taken a back seat and I’m in danger of losing it. SO, for now, I am going to go back and focus on that for a while. I’d love to know what you are writing. There are seven more prompts for the school holidays, including some of my favourites! My plan is to use them in whatever way works for my novel. I hope you enjoy them!


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