FW 6: A toast…

I’ve never written a toast before. Oh no, that’s not true, I wrote a leaving speech for a dear friend, many years ago. When I planned this prompt, there was a lot of home for the covid vaccine, we were looking forward to relaxed rules for five days over Christmas and 2021 seemed to hold the promise of hugs and friends’ sofas with a cuppa.

Alas, today we have been given news of further restrictions, terrifying chatter about new strains of the virus and weather warnings to boot.

BUT, none of this takes away from 2020’s ‘best bits’. So my writing tonight will be a toast to 2020, to say thank you for the months spent at home with my children that, while horrifically difficult at times, was a gift I will always be grateful for. Thank you for reminder (I didn’t need it really but still) that life is short and fragile and we have to appreciate it as much as we can. Thank you for new job opportunities, the time to write and new friends to write with.

My list goes on, but I’ll finish with something that I read recently that struck a chord, it was a reminder that we can feel grateful at the same time as feeling angry or sad or any number of other feelings. Have to go! Bye x


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