FWC 5: Tree vs terrace.

There is a fruit tree, planted by the applicant some years ago, in close proximity to the proposed 

terrace. Although the applicant has indicated it is their intention to keep the tree in its current 

location, they have also indicated they may relocate it within the garden, which they could do at 

their leisure. Given the tree is not protected and is intended to be retained it is not considered 

proportionate to condition any further details in relation to its future.

Well, it’s been a good run. I guess I should have expected it, more money than sense these people. My fruit and I have enjoyed listening to their lad playing his bass guitar in their home studio on the first floor of the garage. Maybe he’ll extend the lead and play out on the terrace and I can sway in the breeze and enjoy the rhythm even more. That is if my root environment isn’t destroyed by those large steel posts and I slowly die, without them realising until it’s too late. Sigh. Maybe they should relocate me. But then I might not hear the music anymore.


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