FWC 2: A family of snowmen…

What a day yesterday was! The announcement from our government seemed to come from nowhere- but this is not the place to talk about that!

The prompt for yesterday was a contrast to day one and I love it. I’m going to use it to write with my children this morning but will also try to use something of it in my (thing/novel) writing later on.

SO here is our story:

We woke up one morning and there was a family of snowmen in our garden. Everyone loves snow, but sometimes they get cold but they love snow and still have fun.

The other morning there was no snow because they really really wanted to do snow but there was not any snow on Christmas eve so they beganned to go in all the places. But they were very very far away so they left home and came back but there was no sight of snow.

But then the next Christmas there was snow in their house but there was no idea there was santa in their house and reindeer in their house their was everybody in their house and they had lots and lots of fun together. SO they began to shout out “Thank you snow” and there was a beautiful rainbow above them and every reindeer, Rudolph, Santa, all their friends had so much fun.

The family of snowmen had loads of fun together, they stayed and threw snow balls at each other but then one foggy Christmas eve their baby and their sister and brother were not there the next foggy evening but the next day they were back again and they were frozen forever.

Dictated by E (4)


One response to “FWC 2: A family of snowmen…”

  1. What a great snowy story! They sound like a fun family to play with. Fingers crossed for frost and snow!


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