Hi, thank you for coming.

I’m Rachael, a writer, mentor and English teacher (amongst many other things) and I created ‘Scribbles’ to share creative writing prompts. @rachael_scribbles has grown to become a subscription service (paid or unpaid) where you can receive weekly or monthly creative writing prompts directly to your inbox. I post sporadically on Instagram and I’m in constant contact with writers and artists during submission windows for a seasonal magazine- read the back catalogue here.

I am lucky enough to now be supported by two wonderful artists, Sidnea and Rosanna. You can read about them below and in the ‘Meet the Team’ post here.

Please show your support by subscribing via Substack, or visiting our shop.

We’d love to hear from you, say hello via email:

submissions@rachaelscribbles.com or scribblesartists@gmail.com

Or DM @rachael_scribbles

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